Queen Mary Ghost Sighting

Hello my name is Rosie Cadena, I’m from Covina California. I really cannot get over these pics that were taken from my boyfriends phone about a week ago. Actually Oct 6, 2012, Saturday around 9ish. We went to an event at the queen Mary and with all the story’s I heard was desperate to know the truth. While on this tour I was told by an employee of the Queen Mary to sing ring ‘around the Rosie’, while in the pool room to supposedly call out the little girl ghost. Being silly at the time, I began calling her name throughout the room and sang the song along with a friend. I told my boyfriend to take pics of everything and anything. Which may have seemed a little silly to others with us. At the end of the visit I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see or feel anything. The next morning we looked through our pics and were in shock, amazed, speechless at what we saw. It appears to be a little girl peeking over the ledge to the left.

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