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Hitchhiking Ghost Filmed Along Side a Road In Malaysia

While driving along a stretch of road in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, a man has filmed

Ghost Ghost July 17, 2020

Ghost Activity Filmed At Daytona Beach Hotel

An apparition has been filmed drifting around the bar at the Plaza Resort and Spa

Ghost Ghost July 17, 2020

Creepy Footage of Ghost of Young Girl

A man filming inside his apartment has filmed the ghostly figure of a young girl.

Ghost Ghost May 29, 2020

Ghost Activity Filmed In Blockbuster Video Store

CCTV footage filmed in blockbuster video records a poltergeist knocking videos off shelves.

Ghost Ghost May 29, 2020

Angry Ghost Looking Out A Window

Does this image show an angry ghost looking out a window?

Ghost Ghost October 6, 2020

Apparition Spotted In Mary King’s Close

This ghostly figure was filmed in the haunted Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ghost Ghost August 13, 2020