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Ghost of Woman Caught On Home CCTV

A couple setup CCTV to check on their pets and the footage

Ghost Ghost March 18, 2022

CCTV footage inside a haunted Sunderland pub show what appear to be a poltergeist knocking over a glass of beer.

The incident occurred inside the 167-year-old Blue House pub in Hendon, Sunderland,

Ghost Ghost December 14, 2021

Ghost Moves Chair In Haunted Pub

CCTV footage filmed in a pub shows what appears to be a

Ghost Ghost October 15, 2021

How My Phone’s Most Annoying Feature Saved My Life

Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force

Ghost Ghost October 1, 2021

Ghost hunters spot eerie Figure in window of haunted building

A group of ghost hunters have claimed they captured an eerie figure

Ghost Ghost September 22, 2021

Poltergeist Attacks Security Guard At Mayor’s Office

A Mayor in Colombia has shared video footage of a security guard

Ghost Ghost August 9, 2021

Ghost of Two Children Spotted In Haunted Hotel

A pair of ghosthunters believe they have captured the ghost of two

Ghost Ghost June 25, 2021

Ghost Sighting In Window at Stanley Hotel

A woman claims to have seen a ghost while on tour at

Ghost Ghost June 15, 2021

Creepy moment ‘ghost’ knocks over wine bottles in ‘haunted’ supermarket

Creepy CCTV footage has spotted a poltergeist knocking over bottles of wine

Ghost Ghost June 9, 2021

Poltergeist opens kitchen drawer after woman closes it

Creepy footage filmed by home security camera shows a kitchen drawer open

Ghost Ghost June 4, 2021

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