Gorilla Spirit Filmed In Old Family Home

Interesting image of what appears to be a gorilla spirit standing behind a glass door. It may take a moment to see it but after a moment you will definitely notice what appears to be a large gorilla.

Witness comments:

When I grew up in my parents home that was built in the 70’s, my family experienced paranormal activity.  The war was fought there, and there are trenches in the back yard.  When they were building a house next door, they found a soldier in a shallow grave.  My parents are deceased now, and I am going to purchase the home.  The other day I went over there to cut the grass.  Afterwards, I took a picture of the house/lawn to email my Brother.  I zoomed in the picture and was shocked to see on the right side of the door, this gorilla type creature that was evil looking, staring out of the door.  My daughter lightened the picture, and found a man’s face.  I see 2 more faces at the bottom of the door.  Please give me your opinion.  Some people cannot see what I see (the gorilla-looking creature) but they do see something.  I would like the house investigated and blessed.  Thank you.