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Ghost Sighting At The 432 Abercorn Street Haunted House

This image shows a young child staring out the window in the Savannah’s famously haunted home at 432 Abercorn Street.

Ghost Ghost August 13, 2020

Creepy ghost’s face spotted peering around a door

A terrified man fled his home after capturing what he claims was a ghost's face peering around a door.

Ghost Ghost December 9, 2020

Ghost of a priest in old church

A transparent ghostly figure has been spotted inside Taken in 1956 at England’s Eastry Church in Kent.

Ghost Ghost August 12, 2020

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Poltergeist Activity Filmed In A Dublin Bar

A security camera has filmed a poltergeist knocking over chairs inside the

Ghost Ghost May 29, 2020

Spooky Ghost Filmed Following Couple

A ghost like figure has been captured by CCTV cameras creeping up

Ghost Ghost July 17, 2020

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Mysterious Ghost Sighting In Haunted Castle

A mysterious man has been filmed in the old Tantallon Castle in East Lothian.

Ghost Ghost August 6, 2020

Ghostly Apparition Inside a Haunted Pub – The White Lion

The CCTV footage shows a ghostly apparition on the staircase inside the White Lion in Yateley, Hampshire

Ghost Ghost July 30, 2020

Poltergeist opens kitchen drawer after woman closes it

Creepy footage filmed by home security camera shows a kitchen drawer open by itself

Ghost Ghost June 4, 2021