Ghost sighting recorded on the Queen Mary Ship

A team of paranormal experts investigating the Queen Mary Ship record what appears to be an apparition floating through the hallways of the ship.

Ghost Ghost May 29, 2020

Ghost Filmed In An Aircraft

The woman was reportedly alone at the time of this picture however it shows what appears to be a man sitting in the seat next to her.

Ghost Ghost August 13, 2020

Ghost Activity Filmed In Blockbuster Video Store

CCTV footage filmed in blockbuster video records a poltergeist knocking videos off shelves.

Ghost Ghost May 29, 2020

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Ghost Spotted On Camera Running Down Street

A police officer was left stunned when he thought he saw a

Ghost Ghost March 26, 2021

Creepy ghost’s face spotted peering around a door

A terrified man fled his home after capturing what he claims was

Ghost Ghost December 9, 2020

Ghost Lady In a Dress

An apparition has been spotted which looks a lot like a lady

Ghost Ghost December 1, 2020

Misty figure Appears at the Table

A ghostly apparition of a old woman has been spotted on camera.

Ghost Ghost November 30, 2020

The Gray Man Ghost Sighting of Pawleys Island

This apparition was caught by paranormal investigators Jim and Billy McClency on

Ghost Ghost November 3, 2020

Ghost Lady in White Spotted In Savannah

An apparition of a lady in white has been caught on tape

Ghost Ghost November 3, 2020

Ghost Sighting Filmed On Night Vision Camera

An apparition of a young girl has been spotted on night vision

Ghost Ghost October 19, 2020

Ghost Spotted On Castle Balcony

A white apparition has been filmed standing on a Balcony in an

Ghost Ghost October 19, 2020