Shadow Ghost in the Room


This image was taken August of 2007 at the Comstock Lodge in Virginia City, Nevada.  The lamp in the image was the only light source during the shot.  I was alone in the room, my wife and daughter were outside in the car making it impossible to have captured one of them walking past. Also note the position of the shadow, it’s not in a “walk way” but to the edge of the chair.  I would assume any person standing in such a way would cause the chair to tip.

The mirror is another thing of interest.  No shadow reflection.  If it were just a shadow it would follow the drapes and be visible in the mirror.  Also the shadow figure appears to be casting a couple of shadows of it’s own.  One on the chair and one going towards the bed.  As far as I can tell, all shadows with the exception of the shadows “shadows” are consistent with the lamp as the only light source in the room.

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