Ghostly Apparition in Cemetery

At a Florida Cemetery I take some shots through my open passenger window as I slowly drive along the dirt road that borders the Western edge of the area.

On my small camera screen I don’t notice anything in the distance, but do see something later on my large computer screen.

Well back in the picture, out of my focal range, there stands a semi transparent figure, it is within a fenced in area containing large and small graves and tombstones.

A face, looking straight at my lens, has a nose with two nostrils to be seen, and an open mouth with the bottom lip even resting on top of the fence rail. The body itself seems clothed
in a long robe that goes all the way to the ground.

Shrouded right and left arms seem to come up to the fence top, the fingers of the right hand appear to rest on top of the fence line.

The figure is transparent to semi transparent, and there is nothing within the fenced area that is as tall as the fence line.

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