Dark Spirit Haunts Family Home


This particular incident took place on Christmas night in 2013. My older brother (who is into black magic and voodoo, etc.) and I were at my mother’s house and it was near the end of our night and since my brother is older he typically gets the bedroom with the bed, which happened to be my old bedroom before I moved out. As a kid growing up, I always got the creeps in that room and always had to sleep with the TV or light on. Ever since I moved out, I will not sleep in there.

This night I blew up my air mattress and turned off the lights and lay down in the living room while my mother and step-dad went to sleep in their room with the door shut, and my brother went down the hallway to his room to sleep with the door shut.

I had a hard time getting to sleep that night, so I lay there awhile watching TV while everyone else was asleep. Finally, I started to drift off to sleep. I was at that halfway point of being passed out and just a little coherent when suddenly I was awakened by a loud but familiar voice screaming, “HEY!” It was so real and so in my face that my eyes immediately popped open and I looked around me to see if someone was there.

The TV was on, but turned down very low.

I got up and checked all the doors and they were all shut and the dogs were in bed as well. I thought it strange, but didn’t think much of it… until the next morning.

My brother came out for breakfast and sat at the kitchen bar and started talking about a weird dream he had last night, where he was being strangled/attacked by a vicious demon while he was in a lucid dream state. He said he was able to fight it off, but that it ran out the bedroom door and down the hallway. He was scared of it going to me sleeping in the living room, so he was able to leave his body and fly down the hallway with it.

That’s when he saw the demon moving toward me while I was half asleep. Before my brother could tell me what happened, I interrupted and asked him if he yelled, “HEY!” at the demon. My brother looked at me with his eyes all big and replied, “Yes.”

We both got the chills immediately up our spine and I then thanked him for protecting me from what could have been a terrifying experience for me. For about a week after that I was left with an eerie feeling and still get it when I think about that night. I don’t know how I heard him yelling from his dream and into my head, but it is amazing.

Side note: Fast forward about a year to September, 2014. I stayed at my moms house since we were coming home very late from a trip. For some reason I decided to give my old bedroom a shot and sleep in it. I fell asleep for about an hour, but was suddenly awakened by a screaming force right in my face. At one point I thought I even saw a face! I got out of that room as quick as I could, never to return again.